Why Choose a Glass Balustrade?

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Why Choose a Glass Balustrade?

A trendsetter thanks to its endless advantages on balconies, staircases and landings, the glass balustrade is the preferred choice for residential and commercial buildings. Its popularity is driven by its cost and look. Here are some more reasons why you should opt for a glass balustrade:

  • Flexibility

    Glass balustrades are a good choice for all building types, can be used in different spaces without a problem and provide both security and style, making them the best practical choice.

  • Durability

    A good solid glass is used in balustrades making it more durable than meets the eye. The reinforced glass panes are tested to withstand a lot of weight making them resistant to strikes and knocks. Of course one of the best things about using glass is not having to concern yourself with termites and rust.

  • Design options

    There are plenty of design options available to clients whether its a frameless or post and rails look you’re after. Whatever your choice there are lots of designs available to pick one that suits all your needs, adding a touch of class to your home.

  • Clarity

    The clearness and clarity of glass panes means they do not block anything from your line of sight. They are proven to be a top choice among homeowners living with young children or senior citizens as you can keep an eye on them to make sure there are no trips or falls down the stairs.

  • Conclusion

    To round-up there are a wealth of features and advantages which make the glass balustrade a top choice for staircases. For more information on installing a balustrade for your staircase get in touch with Sky Glass today!

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