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Bespoke Glazing

A bespoke service is high priority among a client’s wish and at Sky Glass Ltd we know the importance of offering rooflights tailored to your needs. Whatever role you play in the project; an architect, contractor or self-builder it is helpful to be aware of the typical rooflight sizes available. You can also be at ease knowing the products supplied are in line with Building Regulations.

Bespoke rooflight size for your project?

We can cater to any project, any size and provide a tailor-made service to go hand-in-hand. You can be assured your made to order rooflights will be designed and manufactured to your specifications. Our bespoke range of rooflights for flat roofs are safe, energy efficient and come with a 10-year glazing guarantee for your peace of mind.

As specialists in the rooflight industry we design, manufacture and install exclusive rooflights and glass structures that are bold, unique and add value to any building.

The modular designs give us the scope to build your bespoke rooflight size with the flexibility to include:

  • Wall abutting (up to 3 sides)
  • Multi-pane units for larger areas of glazing with an infinite number of panes within one frame
  • Shaped units
  • Irregular pitch combinations
  • Ridges, hips and valleys
  • Flat roof and pitched roof
Lead times for bespoke rooflight sizes

From start to completion of your bespoke rooflights project we aspire to deliver our service in some of the shortest lead times in the country. Our reputation and expertise in the industry is second to none. We strive to ensure a bulk of our made to measure products are designed, manufactured and dispatched for delivery from our factory in just three weeks. As we cannot assure this for every booking we aim to get the rest out within five weeks.

Maximising natural daylight with bespoke rooflights

One of the biggest attractions to installing rooflights is the wealth of natural daylight exposed in your home or office. Today, architects and homeowners working on new builds or refurbishment projects plan their designs around rooflight installations. It allows to build on the angles of an existing property, add panache to a new build and give breathtaking architectural emphasis to any complex.

With every project we take on, the client has a clear vision and we work hard to help bring that creation to life. This can mean sourcing custom-made rooflights to the specific dimensions of a room, according to someone’s personal preference, at a small additional cost. It means you get your dream rooflights fitted for a small fee compared to the standard sizing available on the market.

With an extremely skilled technical and design team at your service there are no limits to your spectacular designs. Our bespoke rooflight design service means, whatever the shape (octagonal, triangular, etc), you can be sure to get what you desire. We also provide matching shaped upstands to ensure you get the same quality performance as with our standard range products.

While primarily rooflights are popular for the natural light let into a home or building, bespoke designs come with other benefits. For example, the size, angle and positioning of an access rooflight can open up the usable space of a roof significantly, above a home. The same can be said for bespoke rooflights in a big building such as a school or hospital, whereby the benefits can include added ventilation, natural daylight in the centre of a building, as well as space for removing and bringing in equipment.

Simply put the options with rooflight designs and installations are unlimited. If you are interested in having a discussion of your ultimate dream design then we can help in turning your dream into a reality with the added assurance we will be with you every step of the way.

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